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This is the best place to go. They treat you like family have tons of options and always just so refreshing to be in the building with these amazing people.


I visited the TSC this past Saturday. Booking was easy online and I was quickly able to get in. Super nervous to trial colon hydrotherapy.


Came here for training, the staff is amazing. Professional and friendly. If You're looking for an aesthetics services.


The service that I received was a touchless colonic cleanse for the first time. The facility is in a great location Dallas Oak Lawn area, the staff was very nice, friendly, professional and helpful, sorry that I can't remember the person that assisted me, she was awesome. She made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. She walked me through the full process as well as extended further help if I needed it. I will go back again for a second treatment as well as take advantage of other services they offer. I was well pleased with first time experience. I recommend TSC to anyone that's looking for services that will benefit your health.
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