Melasma Laser

The StarWalker Melasma Treatment is different than other existing treatments, is a laser treatment designed specifically to break apart the pigments without damaging any other healthy cells.

StarWalker Melasma Treatment

StarWalker technology offers unique feature of pigment destruction without skin ablution, effectively treating pigment-related issues like complex tattoos and Nevus of Ito.

Melasma is a skin disorder causing brown or gray patches, primarily on the face, but can also appear in forearms, neck, and shoulders due to sun exposure. It's not cancerous or a sign of cancer.

Types of melasma

Melasma is classified into three types: epidermal, dermal, and mixed. Epidermal melasma is dark brown with a well-defined border, while dermal melasma is light brown or bluish with a blurry border.

Avoiding the sun and maintaining balanced hormone levels, stress, and thyroid disease are crucial for preventing melasma recurrence and worsening, and daily use of high-quality Sun Block is recommended.

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